Clean-Up After Your Dog

One local condo community has had an ongoing problem of residents allowing their dogs to poop in common areas and not clean it up.  The problem seemed to spike a few months ago when a photo was shared via a closed social media group of a dog’s business in the middle of a hallway.

Today a resident brought the issue up again and offered the suggestion of hiring PooPrints to track down the offending pooch (and their owner) via doggie DNA. PooPrints’ website describes the service as follows:

If you’re tired of dog owners in your community not cleaning up the waste their dogs leave behind, PooPrints can help. Eliminate dog waste on the grounds of your apartment, condo, or HOA community forever with PooPrints’ dog poop DNA matching service for property management!  It’s the only permanent, “set it and forget it” solution for dog waste management.

So if you are not cleaning up after your dog, there is some real Magnum PI stuff available to hunt you down.  Be warned.