Clarification on the repairs to railroad crossings in Conshohocken and Whitemarsh

There were some questions this morning on how the repairs to the railroad crossings in Conshohocken went from a projected six-week project to being completed over two days. reached out to SEPTA for clarification.

First, the crossings at Harry, Ash, Cherry, and Poplars streets are now operational, but there will still be work over the next several weeks to fully repair all the damage to the regional rail system in Conshohocken from the storm.

Secondly, while the Borough of Conshohocken has shared updates about the regional rail system repairs, these updates didn’t mention the crossings that are in the Conshohocken section of Whitemarsh Township. Whitemarsh hasn’t provided any updates on the regional rail repairs and two crossings are still impacted in the township.

The crossing at Lee Street (Whitemarsh) is blocked and flaggers are in place at Station Avenue (Whitemarsh). This may result in some minor delays.

Below is the clarification from SEPTA:

SEPTA crews were able to make enough progress on work this weekend that, for the start of service today, the only crossing that had to be blocked was at Lee Street. Over the weekend, SEPTA crews were able to get the other crossings at Harry Street, Poplar Street and Cherry Street operational for today. There is also ongoing work to the crossing at Station Avenue, but that remains open with personnel blocking the crossings as needed and flagging trains through. This causes some minor delays because the trains have to stop before the grade crossing to make sure it is safely closed off to vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

We have been in close communication with borough officials, and we were looking at the possibility of up to six-to-eight weeks for those closings as of late last week. SEPTA crews are still doing repair work from Ida along the line that is expected to continue for the next month or two, but we have prioritized getting the signals and equipment for the crossings back in operation. Fortunately, we had good weather all weekend, and the around-the-clock efforts by our crews allowed us to move that timetable for the crossings up.

Note that Ash Street wasn’t mentioned in the clarification from SEPTA. In a second exchange, it was further clarified that Ash Street has been repaired as well.