Christmas Miracle! Missing Conshohocken Cat Found After 10 Months

Ollie, a two-year old cat (Maine Coon mix), moved to a new home off Cedar Grove Road in Conshohocken early this year. After five days, Ollie went missing when a door blew open overnight.

Ollie’s human Tara, who rescued Ollie and his brother Figgy when they were six months old, plastered the neighborhood and social media about Ollie’s disappearance. There were no sightings over a 10 month period. Tara believed that he had been trapped within the nearby construction site.

This morning Tara received an email from that offered some hope. A cat matching Ollie’s description had been approaching a home about a half-mile away and the family had started feeding him. The family found Ollie’s information on and a message was sent to Tara.

Ollie on the steps with his brother Figgy.

After receiving the message, Tara took her travel crate to the home and the family was to try to get him into the crate when Ollie returned looking for dinner.

It worked.

Tara picked Ollie up and he is now safe at home with Figgy.

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