Chef Share now open in Conshohocken

Two Conshohocken residents have launched Chef Share, a company that provides three, five, or seven freshly prepared meals to clients each week in the greater Conshohocken area. Each meal is only $9 and readers can save 10% by using promo code MTTC.

Rosemary Chicken Quarter with sautéed kale slaw and seasoned brown rice.

Each week, Chef Share allows you to select a meal plan and pick specific meals from a seasonal menu. Once the meals are delivered on Sunday, you can keep them refrigerated until you’re ready to eat. Your only prep work is putting it in the microwave.

Spiced shrimp over lemon parmesan noodle salad.

Chef Share is a great option for those with a busy lifestyle, working families, those now working from home, or anyone trying to save time and money. All of the meals are prepared in Conshohocken in a brand-new commercial kitchen.

Chili Glazed Turkey Stuffed Pepper

To get started, visit and start preparing your menu for this Sunday’s delivery (order by Thursday at 5:00 p.m.).

If you are looking for commercial kitchen space, visit