Caption This: Griggs and Salus (Now on Video) Outside the Colonial School Board Meeting

We didn’t realize we captured a very short video at the conclusion of the meeting of the Policy Committee of the Colonial School Board on Wednesday, July 11th. The video shows union leader Bernard Griggs (on right) having a conversation with Jason Salus (on left), the elected Montgomery County Treasurer and Democratic Party Area Leader for the communities in the school district. The conversation took place right after the meeting ended. Griggs doesn’t look happy does he?

On the agenda for the meeting was the a “Responsible Contractors” policy that was voted by two to one to be advanced to the full board for consideration. A “Responsible Contractor” policy would create a set of requirements for bidding on construction work within the school district. Critics believe it would favor union shops.

We’re not sure why Griggs would be unhappy with Salus. The adoption of the policy really can’t be stopped. But Griggs does look upset.

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