Candidate Questions | Ward 6 | Kevin Dwyer | Democratic Party Primary

Kevin Dwyer is the Democratic Party endorsed candidate to represent Ward 6 on Conshohocken’s Borough Council. Ward 6 has the only contested primary in the Borough. Also seeking the opportunity to run against incumbent Republican Robert Stokley in the general election is Democrat Stacy Ellam.

The primary is being held on Tuesday, May 16th

We asked all of the candidates for Borough Council the same questions. Below are Dwyer’s responses:

How long have you lived in Conshohocken?

I’ve lived in Conshohocken for the past 7 years.


I have my Masters in Organizational Development from St. Joseph’s University, a Post Bachelors Certificate in Business and Contract Law from Villanova University and a Bachelors’ Degree in Government from Shippensburg University.


I’m currently employed as an Environmental and Government Compliance Consultant.

Favorite Place that isn’t Conshohocken?

No other place…….I summer in Conshy…….

If not the incumbent, how many meetings of Borough Council have you attended in the past year?

I’ve attended 2-4 meetings, but catch the ones I’ve missed online. As a member of the boroughs Environmental Advisory Council, I’ve attended all of those meetings as well.

What do you think is the main issue facing Conshohocken?

I think a lack of vision is the main issue facing Conshohocken. I would like to see a vision put forth that more accurately is in lock-step with what our residents would like to see for the future. I’m hopeful that the Comprehensive Plan process that the borough is beginning will give residents an opportunity to share their vision for the future of our town.

What issue do you think is made too much of?

Constituent service is one of the most important roles of a member of council. I don’t think any issue gets made too much of. They are all important to the constituents raising them. If an issue is important enough to a constituent to communicate to council that issue should be addressed and the resident should receive a timely response from the borough or myself.

The new Borough Hall has been open for more than a year now. The retail spaces facing Fayette Street remain empty. What do you think could be done to encourage businesses to lease these spaces?

I think council needs to be more flexible about what kind of tenant they will allow. I would like to see a corner grocer, a sports shop or a small boutique. We should also explore the possibility of using a new real estate broker.

What is the one issue that most drives your desire to serve on Borough Council?

My love for civic engagement and public service are the driving forces behind my desire to serve. I believe that serving on council should be a public service and not an avenue for personal gain or profit. That is why I will be donating my council salary to the Colonial Neighborhood Council’s Meals on Wheels program and to our volunteer Fire Companies.

Borough Council is about to take up the proposed Special Zoning District 4, which would allow for the hotel, larger office buildings, etc., along the unit block of Fayette between West Elm and West First Avenue back to Robinson Alley. What are your concerns for this project and what benefits to you think it could bring?

My biggest concern is that Ward 6 has no voice in this proposal given the incumbent’s latest conflict-of-interest. We need to have a seat at the table and input on what public amenities will be available to residents, what traffic improvements will be made and how the buildings will be designed. I also want to work to ensure that Conshohocken maintains our small-town feel. The benefits would obviously be the tax revenue, job opportunities for our residents, the dedicated public parking spaces and the fact that we are able to preserve the old firehouse amid new construction.