Buy a friend a beer at five local bars through the BruYou app

The BruYou app (Apple StoreGoogle Play) provides the opportunity to buy a drink for friends and family without physically being together and is now available at five Conshohocken and West Conshohocken bars and restaurants, plus over 30 locations in the region. Local locations include:

  • Baggataway Tavern
  • Flanigan’s Boathouse
  • Gypsy Saloon
  • Southern Cross Kitchen
  • Lucky Dog Saloon

The easy-to-use app allows you to choose a friend from your contacts, select from participating bars and restaurants, and then pick a drink from their menu. Your friend is then notified that you have bought them a drink at the specific location with details on how to redeem it.

Know a friend celebrating a birthday, promotion, or simply the warmer weather? Even if you can’t be there to celebrate in person, you can still join the party by sending a celebratory drink.

While the app was conceived pre-COVID, its use fits with the restrictions put in place during the pandemic. Now with the pandemic restrictions for bars and restaurants set to end on May 31st, the app also offers a great opportunity to support the recovering hospitality industry and welcome friends back out with a drink on you.