Brian Pieri Opening Third Restaurant in Conshohocken

Brian Pieri’s Pieri Restaurant Group has purchased Isabella, which had been operated by Tom Richter since September of 2010. Pieri, along with his wife Christina, currently have two restaurants in the Conshohocken zip code, The StoneRose (2009) and Bar Lucca (2013), plus Pieri Catering and are one of the operators of the Conshohocken Beer Garden (note that the owner of is part of the ownership of the beer garden).

Pieri shared with us, “It is exciting to have another great space in Conshohocken to build another business. We are sold and all-in on being a part of the Conshohocken community and we look forward to getting to know all of our new neighbors.”

The Pieri’s have not picked a concept or name for the new restaurant. There are a handful under consideration.

Photo – Brian Pieri is second from left on back row wearing a navy shirt. Christina Pieri is second from left on front row wearing blue dress. They are joined by staff from the restaurants outside the former Isabella.

Photo: Pieri Restaurant Group