Major Erosion Occurring Along 23 Near Four Falls – Updated

Update – All of the police and other official vehicles have left the scene.  The roadway has also been removed from the Montco Alert System.  It was previously listed as a hazard.

A reader just alerted us to a situation occurring along Route 23 near the 100 Four Falls office building.  As you can see in the photos, there is major erosion.  Our reader writes:

These are photos of route 23 right outside 100 four falls. This has been getting worse everyday, you can even see cracks on the road and it’s caving in a little bit. So scary. No work is being done on this.

Right after that message was sent the police and other official looking vehicles arrived on the scene. Below are a few photos:

23 erosion 2


Eroision police trucks


erosion 23 4