Brandywine Realty Trust…A Tale of Two Cities

While reading an article about a proposed apartment development in Radnor, we noticed that Brandywine Realty Trust was opposing a proposed apartment community in Radnor because of traffic they fear will hurt their ability to retain tenants in the office buildings they own near the proposed development.  From the story:

Representatives of Brandywine Realty Trust, which owns much of the commercial properties in Radnor, say the traffic brought by BioMed’s proposal could drive away their tenants.

Now why did that statement jump off the computer screen? Because in Conshohocken, Brandywine Realty Trust proposed building an office tower at an intersection rated “F.”  Brandywine responded to the RFP issued by the Montgomery County Redevelopment Authority in hopes of redeveloping the grass area at West Elm and Fayette, the old fire house and the Verizon Building. Within that proposal, Brandywine proposed building a 226,920 square foot office tower at the corner of West Elm and Fayette that would include 600 parking spaces within the building and nearby.

How is that they are worried about traffic near their corporate headquarters in Radnor, yet believe its a good idea to add 600 cars to the rush hour traffic at West Elm and Fayette, which is rated “F”? It is also important to remember that there are currently about 2,000 proposed apartments for Conshohocken.  No where in its response to the RFP, in writing or in public statement, did Brandywine state that their proposed office tower wasn’t viable if all those apartments were approved and built.

Interesting, isn’t it?