Brake Retarder Prohibition on Agenda for Conshohocken’s Borough Council

Tonight’s meeting of Conshohoken’s Borough Council includes an agenda item that would mentions the prohibition on brake retarders on West Elm Street. Brake retarders are a device that assist with larger vehicles stopping and they make a loud noise. They are considered necessary on hills, higher speed roads and winding roads. West Elm Street is flat, straight and not a high speed road.

The agenda states under Department Matters:

Brake Retarder Prohibition Signage Installation and PennDot Resurfacing, West Elm Street

Tonight’s meeting is a workshop meeting, so this means that there will be a discussion on the matter.

Were not sure if our “Ideas for Conshohocken” article about brake retarders had anything to do with sparking this discussion. Borough Council had had previously discussed the issue to 2015, but we couldn’t find any discussion or action since then. But the fact that they are discussing the installation of signs seems to suggest they are further along in the process than we know about.

More to come.