Bradley Cooper was in Conshohocken Tonight Filming a Scene at Pepperoncini

UPDATE – Apparently this didn’t happen. Sorry folks.

Bradley Cooper was at Pepperoncini tonight filming a scene for an upcoming movie. Chef Paul DiBona wasn’t allowed to reveal much information, but did confirm Cooper was there. According to DiBona, Pepperoncini was selected because they were looking for a suburban neighborhood Italian restaurant as the backdrop for a scene.

We looked at Cooper’s IMDB page to see if we could figure out what film it could be. He has two films in post-production, which means that the filming has been completed. One does involve the restaurant business and Cooper playing a chef, but almost every movie has a scene at a restaurant. The Wikipedia page for this movie states that filming has completed and was set in New Orleans and London.

This is the second film Cooper has filmed in the Conshohocken zip code. Silver Linings Playbook filmed a scene in a car along Conshohocken Road.