Borough’s Engingeer Pours Cold Water on Wawa’s Traffic Study

Borough Council asked its engineer to conduct a review of the traffic study submitted by Wawa/the developers in relation to the proposed development of a new store and fueling station at 11th and Fayette.  The engineer submitted his review this past Wednesday.

As you will see if you download and read the complete document (it is just a few pages), it raises questions about how the study came up with its numbers in regards to traffic volume.  The review states under No. 2:

The Trip Generation, Trip Distribution and Trip Assignment sections of the study appear to be misleading.  While the methodology is appropriate per PennDOT and ITE, in our opinion use of an assumed existing traffic volume for the existing car dealership may be inappropriate due to the apparent low usage of this facility.  For example, the conclusion that the proposed Wawa would draw nine (9) less trips than the existing Moore Chevrolet on an average AM peak hour (Table 3 on page eight) does not appear to be logical or realistically applicable data.  No information has been provided either way regarding the use of the existing car dealership. [all the tables and pages referenced in this quote are from the original traffic study]

Basically what this says is that the traffic study submitted by Wawa/the developers compares apples to oranges and the projections are flawed.  Does anyone really think the Wawa will draw nine less trips than Moore Chevrolet?

I would also suggest taking a look at No. 4 in the downloadable document where the engineer compares the number of projected trips to the number of vehicles projected to use each fueling station during the AM peak hour.  The numbers do not add up.

Five more days.