Borough of Conshohocken’s Insurance Investigation Incomplete

On July 2nd, published an article on a report put together by law firm Lamb McErlane PC on behalf of the Borough of Conshohocken. The report looked into the Borough’s process of securing an insurance broker. The report found no wrongdoing by members of Borough Council and Borough employees.

The Borough had this process investigated after published an article showing how the Borough utilized a politically connected insurance broker. You can read the Borough’s report here.

In’s article on the Borough’s report, we showed that Barry Cohen, the owner of the insurance brokerage, wasn’t on the list of those Lamb McErlane interviewed or attempted to interview. Within that article published, three emails show Barry Cohen to have been involved in the process of seeking the Borough’s business

Since the report was published, filed a right-to-know for all emails on the Borough’s server that included Cohen’s email address. We received back a document that includes 278 pages of emails (note that some run onto a second page and some are duplicates that fall at the bottom of a reply). The emails cover a three year period.

Also included on many of the emails is Karl Janssen, a commercial account executive with Cohen Partners. Lamb McErlane also did not interview or seek to interview Janseen.

Lamb McErlane did attempt to interview Jason Salus, who is a sales executive with Cohen Partners, the elected treasurer of Montgomery County and the area leader for the Democratic Party in the region that covers Conshohocken. Salus declined to be interviewed.

The fact that Conor McErlane did not seek interviews with key players brings into question the validity of the entire report. Next week will right-to-know the invoices from the law firm to see how much the report cost.

More to come.