Borough of Conshohocken Seeking PennDOT to Evaluate Heavy Truck Use on West Elm

During the May 16th meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council it was announced via Karen Tutino (D), council member for Ward 1, that the Borough recently sent a letter to PennDOT requesting that it evaluate heavy truck use on West Elm Street. While it may lead to nothing, the hope is that restrictions could be considered on truck traffic.

We had hoped to share the letter with you, but we were told that we had to submit a right-to-know request. This is the perfect example of the Borough being unable to communicate effectively with the public. They actually took an action the public was asking for and are incapable of sharing that information with the public.

We aren’t going to file a right-to-know. If they won’t just openly share this letter, again on an issue that will receive a positive public response, you have to wonder what else they aren’t sharing.

And yes, the Borough has the authority to release this letter without a right-to-know request at its discretion.