Borough of Conshohocken provides update on gas and electric service for areas impacted by flood

The Borough of Conshohocken sent out a notice today about the status of gas and electric service for the two areas of Conshohocken hit hardest by the flooding.

From the notice:

Gas & Electric have been shut down for the 200 Block of E. Elm St. & Majority of 300 block of E. Elm St. Power restoration is unknown at this time.

Gas ONLY has been shut off for Riverwalk & Londonbury apartments. We are anticipating gas to be restored for those buildings by 12 pm this evening.

Residents are also advised that if they are in need of a pump-out detail they should contact 911 so dispatch can disperse properly. Those using gas presser washers and generators should not operate these devices from within a building or parking garage.