Borough of Conshohocken Moving Towards Restoring Washington Fire Company to Active Service

According to multiple sources, the Borough of Conshohocken is moving towards returning the four fire trucks removed from the Washington Fire Company No. 1 on July 5th and restoring the fire company to active service.

The Borough removed the trucks from the fire company over a dispute involving auditing. Once the dispute went public, the fire company made a presentation at a Borough Council meeting and offered to put $13,000 in escrow while audits took place. $13,000 was the total amount the Borough felt was not properly accounted for.

There has been no public update since that meeting in mid-July.

The restoration of the Washington Fire Company No. 1 to active service will come via a “memorandum of understanding” between the Borough and the fire company. We are told that Borough Council will approve this memorandum at a public meeting in the near future.

More to come.