Borough of Conshohocken Considering Painting Lanes on Portion of West 6th Avenue

Last year the Borough of Conshohocken installed three stop signs at an intersection of West 6th Avenue and Freedley Street (near Colwell Lane). The signs were installed in response to residents who complained about safety along the street due to perceived speed of vehicles (the police did a speed study and found that there was not a speed issue). Residents were fearful when crossing the street and backing out of their driveways.

The stop signs have been up over a year now and there is a now a proposal to paint lines to create lanes on the Colwell Lane end section of West 6th Avenue (which is very broad). As explained by Director of Public Services Ray Sokolowski during last week’s meeting of Borough Council, the painted lines would keep traffic in the center of the road, which would help with residents backing out of their driveways.

In addition to the lines for lanes, a buffer area would also be painted along a portion of the road that does not have angled parking. So along this portion of the  street you would have parking spaces, the buffer area and then the lanes. This would allow space for a car to back out of a driveway without crossing into the traffic lanes.

This is currently a proposal and the next step was to seek input on residents of the street.