Borough Investigating Eminent Domain of Wells Fargo Parking Lot

As part of the deal with Keystone Properties Group, the Borough of Conshohocken is investigating securing the parking lot behind Wells Fargo through eminent domain. From the Times Herald:

Conshohocken Council approved a $7,500 contract on Wednesday with Indian Valley Appraisal to appraise the Wells Fargo “lower” parking lot next to the Verizon building. The appraisal will be used by Conshohocken in an eminent domain taking because Wells Fargo officials have rebuffed the borough’s past purchase offers, said Conshohocken Solicitor Michael Savona. Secure parking for the police department is an issue at the Verizon building.

As part of the deal with Keystone, a new borough hall and a new police station will be included in the rehab of the Verizon Building. The Borough and Keystone need the parking lot to allow for a private access to the Verizon Building for the police department. During a past public meeting, an official from Keystone assured the Borough that they could still make it work without securing the parking lot, but that obtaining the parking lot would be ideal.

Stay tuned.