Borough Council Denies O’Neill Properties’ 600+ Apartment Community

During its meeting on Wednesday, September 17th, Borough Council voted four to three to deny O’Neill Properties’ proposed 600+ unit apartment community on the 400 block of Washington Street on the river front. Voting to deny were Anita Barton, Karen Tutino, Ike Griffin and Paul McConnell. Voting against the motion to deny were Matt Ryan, Robert Stokley and Ed Phipps.

It appeared that O’Neill Properties and the Borough had been working on a comprise to settle the areas of disagreement, because Brian O’Neill spoke during public comment and asked that Borough Council not vote to deny the proposal, but instead vote in favor of the proposed settlement. The settlement included a $1.2 million payment to the Borough.

The Borough’s position, outlined by Solicitor Michael Savona, was that the proposal still had zoning and planning issues and he recommended that Borough Council deny it.

Based on a discussion we had with O’Neill after the vote, we do not believe this will be the end of this story. Stay tuned.