Borough Council Candidate in Conshohocken Proposes Goat Farm Instead of Wawa

Last week published an open letter regarding the proposed Wawa from a resident of Conshohocken who had served on the Planning Commission when the proposal was shot down a few years ago. A Republican candidate for Borough Council, Bobby Moore (Ward 4), commented on Facebook under that post with an idea of his own. It involves goats.

Here is the comment:

IDEA ..Conshohocken Borough buys property collectively with Whitemarsh Township @ the price formerly agreed (The price of E.F.Moore’s from sale and everything in their contract that satisfies what WAWA had proposed to them). That problem solved and everyone is Happy. Then the Property gets torn down and leveled out. A small barn is placed on the property and several small shack like barns (goats and other animal type housing) with a small volunteer learning center & administrative office. All While, Applying for grants and accepting personal donations and also with a link to colleges for an agreed agricultural credit for volunteering time and services. To sum it up a Beautiful place with animals that everyone could enjoy and have a park like atmosphere whilst beautifying the area and encouraging the Family Like Community. And adults and kids can learn jointly and even volunteer time. It would keep a nice suburban atmosphere. If you look back in history, there were farms around Conshohocken. Everyone is Happy, zoning changes their future codes, WAWA stays where it’s at on Butler Pike, E.F.Moores peeps are satisfied, the Borough Peeps are satisfied, the Case is CLOSED and we all live Happily Ever After !!


Below is the original post and a video of a goat fighting a goose.

So who wants a goat farm instead of a Wawa?