Borough Council Approves Sale of Leeland Mansion to HOW Properties

During last night’s meeting of Conshohocken’s Borough Council, Borough Council approved through two 7-0 votes to sell Leeland Mansion to HOW Properties. The sale price is $1,210.500.

The Borough became the owners of the property in 1964 and it served as the Borough Hall and police station through 2015. It then moved into the redeveloped Verizon Building.

HOW Properties is local. Its office is located at 1145 Forrest Street. We spoke to its owner, Gary Jonas, after the meeting and he expressed how excited he was to obtain the property. Jonas has been inquiring on purchasing the property going back several years. He has no definitive plan for the property.

The sale comes with a level of protection for the property. The facade of the mansion can’t be altered and the stone wall around the property has to remain. The former police building on the back of the property is not protected.