Borough of Conshohocken Seeking Proposals for Insurance Broker

The Borough of Conshohocken released a RFP last week that seeks proposals from qualified and licensed insurance brokers to provide insurance broker services. The needed services include, but are not limited to, insurance placement servicing, risk exposure analysis, general advice and claims assistant for property/liability, automobile and workers compensation.

Last year the Borough utilized Cohen Partners as its insurance broker. detailed in an article that Cohen Partner employs Jason Salus, who is the elected treasure of Montgomery County and the area leader for the Democratic Party in Conshohocken, Plymouth Township and Whitemarsh Township. As the Area Leader, Salus has a role in seeking people to run for office (the very people who will eventually vote to award a contract for insurance broker services). The 2017 contract was not put out to bid.

Members of Borough Council then claimed they weren’t aware of the connection and then Salus allegedly made a threatening call to one of’s advertisers. He still holds the position of Area Leader for the Democratic Party and is still the Treasurer for Montgomery County.

The Borough’s announcement goes on to state:

The successful firm will be responsible for the marketing, evaluation, and service of the above- mentioned insurance placements on behalf of the Borough of Conshohocken. They will also consult on coverage interpretation, safety/ risk reduction strategy, regulatory compliance with local, state, and national authorities, and cost recovery associated with damages to Borough property or claims brought against the Borough.

In the insurance business and want to respond to the RFP? You can download a copy here.