Borough of Conshohocken Publishes Guidelines on Maintaining the Frontage of Your Property

The Borough of Conshohocken posted the below information on what property owners are required to do to maintain their property. For example, if a tree from your property is blocking a stop sign, it is your responsibility to trim it.

Here is the text and photos from what the Borough posted:

Do your part to keep the Borough beautiful, walkable, and safe! Property owners are required by the Borough of Conshohocken Ordinance to maintain all elements of a property’s frontage, including curbs, sidewalks, grass, weeds, bushes, and yes…trees. Properties left in disrepair create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and motorists using the Borough’s sidewalks and streets.

Upon receipt of a notice from the Borough related to the Sidewalk and Street Clearing Program, please take the necessary steps to complete the work items listed on the notice. The diagram below depicts acceptable street and sidewalk conditions. Please contact the Borough of Conshohocken Department of Engineering, Licenses & Inspections at 610-828-1092 with any questions.