Blind Item – Which Union Business Manager and Elected Municipal Official…

Less than 24 hours after the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Philadelphia announced charges against several union leaders with IBEW Local 98, a business manager from another union and an elected municipal official in Montgomery County thought it was a good idea to have a meeting in a public place to discuss how municipal officials could encourage the use of union labor in development projects that came before them.

The best part was that we were sitting in the same room alone with them. Did we take a photo? We will let everyone wonder.

The union business manager stressed that elected officials need to bring the issue of labor up from the start and not wait until the project has moved through the approval process. The union business manager also asked the female elected official for information on which developers were approaching the municipality regarding development projects.

She was agreeable.

After that discussion, the union business manager offered her advice on advancing her political career. This involved meeting the right people with money.

At the conclusion of the meeting, he told her she was “sexy” and he liked that “she has a little tomboy in her.”