Bird Decides to Make Friends with Local Musician

About two weeks ago Conshohocken resident, and local musician, Dan Rendine was out for a walk with his daughter when a bird decided it really liked him (see the pictures above). Rendine shared the experience on Facebook. He wrote:

Strangest thing happened while walking Olivia in the stroller today. This little guy hopped up to me and got pretty cozy. Followed me for about a block, perching himself on me then flying away, and then flying back to check me out. Maybe I reminded him of someone.

Yesterday there was a similar incident in his yard, when a bird landed on a fence and was happy to pose for photos. In response to this, Rendine wrote on Facebook:

Yesterday was the 2nd time in a 2 week period that I got up close and personal with a wild bird. Last week on a walk with my 9 month old, a baby bird landed on me and played a game of tag for about 5 minutes. Yesterday when I went into my yard with my wife and the girls, we were greeted by this fellow who let me walk within a few inches of him. Initially I thought he was injured but after a few moments and a couple deft flaps he lighted on my fence for a beak to beak view before indulging me with a couple of selfies.

I am beginning to think that I am more bird brained than I originally thought.

Coincidentally, my wife points out, these close encounters of the bird kind have occurred on or a day before a birthday of a close family member now deceased and the anniversary of another close family member’s death. She has her own thoughts about the timing of this strange animal behavior. I tend to agree with Sherman Alexie when he recently wrote something to the effect that he doesn’t believe in ghosts but he believes in interpreting coincidences however you want to.

Either way, I should probably cut back on the birdseed aftershave.

Anyone else have an encounter with friendly birds? Tell us about it in comments.

Photos: Dan Rendine