Bed & Breakfast in Conshohocken Gets a Name

This morning we received a Facebook invitation to like a page for the “George Washington Wood B&B.” George Washington Wood was the son of steel magnate Alan Wood, who began construction on the home in 1871. The home, located at 201 East 5th Avenue in Conshohocken, is historically recognized as the George Washington Wood House.

On the Library of Congress’s website, it has a listing for the home that states why the home is significant:

The George Washington Wood House is a good example of a high style house built for the industrialist elite during the late 19th century. The erection of houses such as this one represent the growth and prosperity of the area during the late 19th century, which served to extend the upper-class residential neighborhood southeastward.

As we have reported, the home is currently undergoing renovations that are expected to be completed in November/December.