Be Advised About Walking Your Dog in Conshohocken’s Parks

A reader recently relayed to us the fact that she received a fine for walking her dog in Sutcliffe Park. She stated:

Hi, I just received a $100 citation from a police officer for walking my dog in sutcliffe (sic) park. Not sure if this is common knowledge but they are definitely reinforcing the issue. The officer said this is something that is being pushed by conshy (sic) officials. I obviously am upset about getting cited for walking my dog in a park on a Sunday morning. Pretty sure there are more pressing matters out there.

So what does the law state? Here it is below:

[Adoptedx Ord. 12-1990, 6/11/1990, § 2]
No dogs shall be permitted, either restrained by a leash or other appropriate device or under reasonable control by some person, on or within the confines of the Borough parks.

So basically dogs are banned from Borough parks. The Borough’s code then prescribes the penalty of “not more than $600 plus costs and, in default of payment of said fine and costs, to a term of imprisonment not to exceed 30 days.”

However, horse, mule, pony and donkey owners are in luck! They can ride their animals in a public park as long as there is a sign posted allowing such activity (we are pretty sure there isn’t one). That law was last revised in 1967.

Last year a dog park was building on the riverfront, however, it bombed due to a variety of reasons. It is also member based, which means you have to pay to use it. The Borough is currently working on fixing the dog park and hopes to have it reopen this summer.

So if you have been walking and playing with your dog in Sutcliffe or another park, be advised you may incur a citation and fine.