Barstool’s El Presidente finally reviews a pizza place in Conshohocken. Mentions Conshohocken is classier than Manayunk merchandise

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy (“El Presidente”) finally made a stop in Conshohocken to review a pizza. He landed at Tony & Joe’s (which he refers to as Tony & Pat’s a couple of times). He usually hits a couple to a few places in one neighborhood, so there could be more coming.

During the review, he refers back to his visit to Fanzone’s which he did from the location in Manayunk. While at Franzone’s he mentions Conshohocken after seeing it written on the pizza box and states that he heard that Conshohocken is like Manayunk, but for classier people. was inspired to make a shirt about Conshohocken being classier than Manayunk and Portnoy mentions the merchandise and even shows the sweatshirt during his Tony & Joe’s review.

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Photo in header (left): Barstool Sports