Bags n’ Bangles in Lafayette Hill is Closing at End of May

Another Lafayette Hill retail shop is closing its doors. In March, Bags n’ Bangles announced it will be closing on May 31st.

In very recent memory, Shoe Bar, First Impressions and Claire Dickson Boutique have all closed. Non-fashion related, the pharmacy closed at the corner of Germantown Pike and Joshua Road. Only the Claire Dickson space was replaced with another retailer, GiGi’s Consignment Boutique. Shoe Bar and the pharmacy remain empty and First Impressions is/or is about to be a nail salon.

One new retailer, The Sweet Trading Company, did open in the past year.

Here is what the owners of Bags n’ Bangles posted on Facebook:

If you are interested in the Bags and Bangle space, here is the listing on