Baggataway Tavern scales back hours due to labor shortage

Baggataway Tavern in West Conshohocken announced this week that it would be closed on Wednesday and Thursday of this week due to the ongoing labor shortage. Managing partner JP Boles shared with that this action was necessary to not burn out the staff.

“The business is there, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to bring aboard the staff to meet our expectations of service seven days a week,” stated Boles. “If we open our doors, we want you to get everything Baggataway is known for, great food from a scratch kitchen, quality beers on tap, and attentive and friendly service.”

While local restaurant owners will attest that there are absolutely fewer people applying for work, what has really confused the issue is what they have experienced after hiring those who have applied.

Baggataway recently interviewed and hired six people. All six no-called/no-showed on their first day. Another restaurant owner told us of a situation where two people were hired and one didn’t show and the other came to work drunk. A third shared that someone was hired, trained, and then no-called/no-showed for the first full day on the schedule.

Baggataway is currently hiring for the positions of general manager, kitchen manager, and line cook. You can find the job descriptions and how to apply here.