Attorney General issues guidance to parents on obtaining refunds from camps and other institutions

Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced today that Pennsylvanians should file a complaint with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General if they are unable to obtain a refund from any business, including summer camps, due to a cancellation caused by COVID-19.

“If a camp will not be operating this summer, their customers are entitled to a refund for their deposits and payments,” said Attorney General Shapiro. “This emergency has been difficult for Pennsylvania families and businesses alike, but that doesn’t give any company an excuse to take a hike with Pennsylvanians’ hard-earned money.”

However, Shapiro advised that those impacted by a cancellation should take two steps prior to seeking assistance from the Office of the Attorney General:

  • Review your contract, contact the business, and request a refund.
  • If you used a credit card for payment, request a refund directly from your credit card company.

If you believe the camp or institution is unwilling to negotiate in good faith or determine it is unwilling to issue a refund, you should then file a complaint at You can also email or call 800-441-2555.