Are you ready for some football? Plymouth Whitemarsh High School’s football team’s season back on

During last evening’s meeting of the Colonial School Board, the board voted to allow the Plymouth Whitemarsh High School football team to play games this fall.

The board had previously voted to exclude football from competing this fall, while all other fall sports were permitted to do so. The previous decision was based on guidance from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (that was adopted by Montgomery County) that classified football as a higher risk than other sports due to the level of contact.

Since then the football team players and family members held a rally in support of competing this year and met with the Superintendent Dr. Michael Christian.

Dr. Christian stated last night that due to the length of the season having been reduced to four or five games, Montgomery County having stable COVID-19 numbers, and a plan for health screenings, he now feels they can compete. The board voted 8-0 to allow it (there are nine members, Eunice Franklin Becker was absent).

Below is the video cued to the football conversation.