Are You Getting Your Sewer Bill?

This popped up in our daily Google News email the other day. It is a question posed on a website that is supposed to offer an answer from an expert. In this case it involved real estate law. The question asked involved Conshohocken, so we decided to share it:

I’m in Conshohocken, Pa. The sewer authority has not sent a bill for the last ten years on a rental property I own. They said due to uploading records the Authority’s system failed to transfer the account data to their billing system. Tenants were responsible for all utilities. I had no idea that sewer bills were not being sent to the renters. My question is, isn’t there a statute of limitations as to how far back they can charge me? They sent me an agreement to sign. $540.00 down payment and $100.00 a month until it is paid off. Total $ 2,159.99.They said something to the effect that they are an Authority and the statute of limitations don’t apply to them.

So, if you own a property and aren’t getting a sewer bill, you may want to check on it, because it sounds like they got some computer problems down at the sewer authority.