Apartments denied and townhouses approved in Whitemarsh

On November 13th, Whitemarsh Township’s Zoning Hearing Board voted 4-1 to not approve variances and a special exception sought by a developer in regards to a 270 unit apartment community on the riverfront at 601 Washington Street in Conshohocken. Concerns expressed involved the ease of getting to and from the property due to lack of a connection to Lee Street and the hazards of living in a flood plain.

On November 14th, Whitemarsh’s Board of Supervisors voted 3-1 (Melissa Sterling was not present and had previously recused herself ) to provide a conditional use to a developer seeking to build 58 townhouses near the corner of Butler and Skippack pikes (basically behind the water tower). The supervisors added approximately 10 conditions that the developer will have to adhere to when developing the property.