Another Apartment Community Proposed, Plus a Breakdown of All the Approved, Proposed and Potential Development

O’Neill Properties has begun the process of developing 51 Washington Street, a piece of property that sits directly behind the Conshohocken Train Station (or better said, the trailer that is the Conshohocken Train Station).  Last night Planning Commissioner Brain Tobin tweeted an image of the plan.  You can see it below:

The plan for 51 Washington calls for 310 apartments.  This is in addition to the 600+ apartments O’Neill has planned next to the Riverwalk Apartments.  O’Neill has another property next to Londonbury, between the river and the Millennium office buildings where apartments are planned, but are not actively being developed.

So lets review the current development projects in Conshy and immediate area:


  • 310 apartments from O’Neill Properties at 51 Washington Street (going through approval process)
  • 352 apartments at Corson and West Elm (approved)
  • 619 apartments at 401 Washington Street (and an adjacent property) (going through approval process)
  • 382 apartments at Hector and North Lane in the Conshohocken section of Whitemarsh (under construction)
  • 350+ apartments at Butler and Plymouth Road in Plymouth Township
  • Townhomes at the bottom of West 7th Avenue.  This has been on old for a while, but we spoke with the developers at FunFest and it looks like it is going forward.  In the past it was 48 townhomes, not sure if that will be revised
  • Mix of singles, twins and townhomes at the Hale Pump property.  This project is going forward, but not sure of the latest breakdown of the different types of homes that will be built at the property
  • 30 townhomes along Matsonford Road in West Conshy (just made public)
  • 13 townhomes and 17 condos at three different addresses in West Conshy (just made public)

Total = 2013+ apartments, plus at least 100+ new homes/condos/townhomes


  • 200 room hotel at West Elm and Fayette (going through the approval process)
  • 260,000 square foot office tower (Tower 7) (approved, but ground breaking has not been announced)
  • 200,000 square foot office tower at West 1st Avenue and Fayette (will replace the existing office building)
  • The rehabbed Verizon Building

Properties Up for Redevelopment

  • Moore Chevrolet at East 11th and Fayette.  Will Wawa come back for another shot?
  • Potentially four church properties (more likely three).  All four Roman Catholic churches in Conshy and West Conshy are up for merger or closure
  • All of Conshohocken Road.  With the potential for an exit off the turnpike on the Norristown/Plymouth side of Conshohocken Road, officials see the potential for redevelopment along this corridor
  • O’Neill Properties’ land behind the Millennium office buildings

That is a lot of redevelopment in what is mostly going to fall within one square mile. What are Conshy’s thoughts? Let us know in the comments.