Amazon Go has pending liquor license in Havertown

Not really our area, but we came across this today when doing some research. Amazon Retail, LLC, which is behind Amazon Go and Amazon Go Grocery, has a pending liquor license at 403 West Chester Pike in Havertown. That address is the Llanerch Shopping Center.

It is not clear whether its an Amazon Go or Amazon Go Grocery, but it is likely an Amazon Go as there are 26 locations of that brand and just two of the grocery version. Both allow you to shop and walk out without having to go to a cashier. Technology within the stores tracks what you have in your cart. That obviously won’t apply to purchases of alcohol. About a third of the Amazon Go stores sell at least beer.

Amazon Go sells breakfast, lunch, and snack items. The grocery version adds ready-made meals for dinner, produce, and household essentials.

The transfer of the liquor license is within the municipality of Haverford Township, so there shouldn’t be an issue with the transfer.

Photo: SounderBruce, Creative Commons