Was that Air Force One Over Conshohocken and Lafayette Hill Yesterday?

Yesterday we saw several people posting on social media about a jetliner and fighter jets flying low pretty low over Blue Bell, Conshohocken and Lafayette Hill. Speculation was that it was Air Force One.

The President spent Monday at the White House with the President of Finland and was scheduled to go to Texas on Tuesday, so Air Force One over Conshy doesn’t make a lot of sense. We tried to find a schedule for the Vice President, but couldn’t find one, so thought maybe it was him.

We saw a variety of comments and one person speculated that it was the remains of the sailor from Cherry Hill who died when the USS John McCain collided with another ship. We looked to see if that was possible, but the sailors who died in the collision were only identified 19 hours ago according to news reports (as of 6:00 a.m. on 8/29/17) and the accident happened near Singapore. So the timing doesn’t make sense for that to be true.

CBS3 reports that the FAA confirmed it was a “military operation,” but NORAD denied it was involved in escorting a potential threat. So exactly what type of military operation it was remains a mystery.

Anyone have any thoughts? Tell us in the comments.

Photo: Al Belmondo