According to PennDOT, the Traffic on Fayette and Hector Aren’t That Different

Something we were reading today landed us on a map of Montgomery County that includes traffic counts from 2012. The above image is a snippet showing the Conshohocken area. You can see the full map here.

An explanation of the map states, “The BLACK numbers displayed on the maps represent Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT). AADT is the typical daily traffic on a road segment for all the days in a week, over a one-year period. Volumes represent total traffic, BOTH directions.”

So as you can see on this map, the traffic count for Fayette Street was 15,000 and Hector Street (which also looks to include a portion of East Elm between Fayette and then turn onto Hector) was recorded as 11,000. Kinda shocking that a residential neighborhood has the same amount of traffic as the main thoroughfare through town.

Other notable traffic counts are:

  • Matsonford Bridge – 34,000
  • West Elm – 6,800
  • North Lane – 12,000
  • Front Street (West Conshy) – 16,000
  • Hector Street (between North Lane and Spring Mill) – 11,000
  • Alan Wood/Brook Road – 4,800