A Broken Down Vehicle, a Gallon of Milk and a Bag of Ice in Conshohocken

We heard this story from a person who was in the store when it happened. Names and places have been left out to protect the innocent.

Someone’s work vehicle broke down in the parking lot of a local convenience store. The owner of the vehicle goes inside the store and tells the owner of the store the situation and that he will be back for the vehicle. The owner of the store says that if he isn’t back within an hour for the vehicle it is going to be towed.

The two go back and forth a little bit, but the owner of the vehicle accepts the situation and leaves the store. While this is going on, there is a guy in line who is getting visibly angry. He has a bag of ice and a gallon of milk.

When this person gets to the register he starts in on the owner of the business and questions why he would tow the vehicle and that he should be willing to help the guy out. It gets heated and the owner of the store says he has a business to run and he can’t have a vehicle parked in a spot for an undetermined amount of time. It goes back and forth some more and the guy with milk and ice leaves.

Once he is at his car, he comes back into the store with the gallon of milk, opens it, starts pouring it out in the store and then throws the container at the register area. While he is doing this, he is yelling “here is what I think of your rules.”

Now yet satisfied, he then returns to his car, gets the bag of ice, and chucks it into the windows. The windows do not break.

At this point, the person who shared the story with us, made his purchase and departs. The fate of the vehicle and the angry customer is unknown.