A $3.25 Million Moldy Mess – A Look Inside the Verizon Building

MoreThanTheCurve.com was provided four photographs that were taken in the Borough-owned Verizon Building (your tax dollars) in the first part of 2013.  As we have reported the building has an extensive mold problem that did not exist when it was purchased for $3.25 million in 2007 and vacated by Verizon in 2008.

If you are asking how we can be sure these photographs were taken within the Verizon Building, here is a shot of the 401 Diner taken from a  window looking across Fayette Street.

The property is currently part of a RFP that is seeking developers to bid on redeveloping this property at 4th and Fayette and two others at West Elm and Fayette.  The two properties at West Elm and Fayette involve the hotel and old portion of the Washington Fire Company.

Any current or former staff and elected officials of the Borough want to take responsibility?