8-Week Transformation Program at Tone Zone Starts October 15th

Registration is open for Tone Zone Fitness Studio’s eight-week transformation that starts on Sunday, October 15th. This is the seventh edition of Tone Zone’s transformation program, which is built to boost your fitness level, change your eating habits, lose body fat and have fun while doing it.

Who is the Transformation Program for?

  • Those who are seeking to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way
  • Those who may not need to lose weight, but are seeking to tone up their bodies by losing body fat.

Orientation for the upcoming program is scheduled for October 15th. Sessions will run from October 23rd through December 16th. Training sessions will be scheduled throughout the entire week for your choosing. Early morning, mid-day and evening and weekend times will be available. Times will be determined at orientation based on participants’ schedules.

This eight-week program was formed under the guidance of 60+ years of combined fitness experience between expert trainers Scott, David Y., David M. in conjunction with Tone Zone’s registered dietitian, Amy M.

If you are interested in joining the program and have questions, email Scott and Leslie at tonezone4me@gmail.com. You can download the complete flyer here.