5 Wits’ Dragon has Laid Eggs in Our Area. Find Them and Win

The dragon from “Drago’s Castle” at 5 Wits in Plymouth Meeting Mall disappeared from her home early this morning, General Manager Dawn Charbonneau confirmed.

“The dragon has been exhibiting nesting behavior for several weeks, and she’s likely gone to look for a safe place to hide her eggs,” said Charbonneau. “There is no reason to suspect the public is in any danger, although anyone who spots her should use caution and avoid approaching her.”

Noted dragonologists report that dragons typically slip away from their lair once a year to lay their eggs. During this time, the dragon may roam miles away from her home to find the best place for the eggs to incubate. Dragon eggs are approximately 16-24 inches long and reptilian in appearance with green and brown color variations.

Charbonneau believes the dragon will eventually return to 5 Wits Plymouth Meeting on her own – hopefully in time for the store’s grand opening on Saturday, November 4th – and she is asking for the public’s help in recovering the eggs.

“We are offering a reward of five free VIP passes – a $100 value – or a Deluxe Adventure Party Package valued at $250 to anyone bringing a dragon egg back to us here at 5 WitsPlymouth Meeting,” said Charbonneau. “We’ve received reports of a dragon flying around Plymouth Meeting, Whitpain and Whitemarsh, so that’s where folks should start looking.”

Anyone finding an unusually large egg is urged to upload a photo with the location (selfies are fine) to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with hashtags #DragonEggs and #5WitsPM before bringing the egg to 5 Wits at Plymouth Meeting Mall on Saturday, November 4. More information is available at http://Bit.ly/DragosEggHunt.

5 Wits Plymouth Meeting is a family-friendly venue for adults, college students and children seven and older. It is available for corporate team-building exercises, field trips, birthday parties and other private events. For more information, visit www.5-wits.com or call (855) 955-WITS.