44 new cases of Coronavirus in Montgomery County. See the new graph tracking daily cases

During a press conference on May 5th, Montgomery County officials announced 44 new cases of Coronavirus in the county, which includes seven from long-term care facilities and two from the Montgomery County Correctional Facility. The total number of positive cases countywide is now 4,611.

Officials also announced 39 deaths, which is a larger number than usual. Montgomery County Commissioner Dr. Val Arkoosh stated that the deaths were not over one day and some date back to April. Some victims are tested after death and those results come in later. The total number of confirmed deaths in the county by Coronavirus is 353. The number of probable deaths is 161. Probable deaths are not confirmed by a lab test. In regards to the number of deaths coming from long-term care facilities, 286 of the 353 are from these facilities (81 percent).

Dr. Arkoosh also shared for the first time this chart that tracks the daily positive cases. This chart is as of April 30. The grey bars are the daily positive cases. The yellow line reflects the 14-day average. The blue line reflects all cases not tied to a long-term care facility, and the orange line is long-term care facilities only.

We added the red line at 30, which reflects the goal of the average number of daily cases that would satisfy Governor Wolf’s requirement to move from the red phase to the yellow phase and loosen the current restrictions. For this to happen, the yellow line needs to hug the red line for 14 days.

The local data is as follows:

  • Conshohocken is at 29 cases, which hasn’t changed since May 4th
    • There have been zero deaths overall in Conshohocken
  • Whitemarsh is at 116 cases, which is one more than since May 4th
    • There have been 11 deaths overall in Whitemarsh, which is one more since May 4th
  • Plymouth is at 84 cases, which hasn’t changed since May 4th
    • There have been four deaths overall in Plymouth, which is one more than since May 4th
  • West Conshohocken has four cases, which hasn’t changed since May 4th
    • There have been zero deaths in West Conshohocken

Ninety long-term care facilities are reporting at least one positive case. There are currently 1,192 residents who have tested positive and 501 staff members. Not all residents and staff members are residents of Montgomery County.

The overall results from the county’s testing facilities from April 16 through May 2nd is 3,514 tests completed with 3,203 results back (91%). There have been 483 positives or 14%, which is down one percentage point from recent weeks.

You can view the county’s latest data here.

You can view the May 5th press conference below.

Posted by Montgomery County, PA on Tuesday, May 5, 2020