2018 Wedding Colors Brought to You by Abbie’s Design Studio, Located Right Here in Conshy! | Sponsored Content

Calling all 2018 Brides!

Cheers to the new year and new vibrant colors to fill our lives. Abbie’s Design Studio brings you 2018 wedding color combinations for each season that are bold and confident.

These 2018 wedding color combinations will accent you and your partner on your special day. Scroll down to see our colors for each season!


Spring Weddings 2018:

Plumeria, tangerine, sugar, peach


This fun color scheme will bring light to a long winter. The plumeria blends well with the different variants of orange to truly bring out the spring presence on the big day! Sugar is a good accent for the bold, fiery colors to keep the tone sweet. Abbie’s design studio can’t wait to play around with these colors on an invitation!

Mix these colors in the flower arrangement for a thrilling combination!


Summer Weddings 2018:

Carnation, rose, light gray, celery


This summer, it is all about the light pastels. Everyone looks good in pink! Let the summer heat die down into a warm evening with this color combination. Use the light green and gray as an accent and go all out in shades of pink! Let your guests be wowed!

Get some pink pumps to accent your beautiful dress! Accents of light yellow to your decorations will add some flare.


Fall Weddings 2018:

Lime, ocean, sugar, tan


Take a twist on fall colors for your 2018 fall wedding. Lime and ocean bring energy to the room, plus they look great together! Use these main colors lightly, they can be over powering. Sugar and tan will neutralize this color scheme, making the room warm and modern.

Who said fall had to be about the pumpkins?! Stray away from the typical fall colors to make your wedding date your own.


Winter Weddings 2018:

Navy, rose, white, teal


Winter is all about winter wonderlands and cozying up to a loved one. This color scheme brings the intangible feelings of winter to life. Stay cozy with timeless, rich navy and teal, adding an elegant rose and white to bring a tie everything together.

Use the navy as your prominent color, it is sleek and will add romance to the room. This palette will work great with rustic weddings. One of my personal favorite palettes of all time right here!

Start your 2018 wedding planning with Abbie’s Design Studio and get your wedding invitations ordered today!