2013 Election Analysis – Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Last night’s election returned all the incumbents to Borough Hall.  Here are some things to take away from the election:

  • The three incumbent Borough Council members all voted against the Wawa.  All won.
  • The three incumbent Borough Council members all support the proposed hotel at West Elm and Fayette.  All won.
  • Based on sheer number of votes he received, Republican incumbent Dominic A. Coccia, Jr., tax collector, is the most popular elected official in Conshy
  • Turnout in the wards was down compared to the 2009 election, but up overall for the Borough-wide races
    • Ward 2 had 94 votes in 2009 and 81 in 2013
    • Ward 4 had 363 votes in 2009 and 315 in 2013
    • Ward 6 had 381 votes in 2009 and 269 in 2013
    • Mayor had 1,663 votes in 2009 and 1,769 in 2013 (borough-wide)
    • Tax collector had 1,662 votes in 2009 and 1,770 votes in 2013 (borough-wide)
  • Conshohocken is a majority Democratic Party town (2,949 to 2,149), but doesn’t appear to vote down party lines
    • The two incumbent Republicans running for borough-wide offices had clear victories.  Frost won with 56% of the vote and Coccia won with 65% of the vote
    • Incumbent Republican Bob Stokley won his ward easily with 70% of the vote
  • The last time an incumbent lost an election in Conshohocken was in 2009 when Republican Carolyn Maye defeated Democrat Sandra Caterbone
  • With all the redevelopment coming, the population is going to grow by several hundred people in certain areas around the Borough.  Ward 2 is very small and has very few people voting.  Is it time to reconfigure the wards?