14-day PCR Positivity Rate in Montgomery County dips below 5% indicating suppression of the Coronavirus

The 14-day PCR Positivity Rate in Montgomery County has dipped below 5% indicating the suppression of the Coronavirus in the county. As of March 6th, it was 4.91%.

The PCR Positivity Rate in the county was below 5% for the summer and most of the fall. It began to rise in November and was above 10% in January. It has been steadily declining in recent weeks.

Other indicators are also trending down.

The number of positive cases over the most recent seven days decreased by 106 cases versus the previous seven days. The number of cases decreased by seven cases when you examine the most recent 14 days versus the previous 14 days.

There were 80 deaths reports in February and thus far in March there have been 18. The first 11 days in February saw 40 reported deaths.

As of February 23rd, there were 140 patients in Montgomery County hospitals due to Coronavirus. As of March 11th, there are 93.

Going forward we are not going to report on the daily case numbers unless they move dramatically down or up, or if there is a local surge in cases in a specific municipality.

In regards to vaccinations, there are now 102,179 people at least partially vaccinated in the county. Of the 102,179, there are 57,305 who have received both doses.