10 Things to Look for in Conshohocken in 2014

A lot of things are on tap to happen in Conshohocken in 2014. We aimed to come up with 10, and actually came up with 11. Here they are (let us know if we missed anything):

  • The rehab of the Verizon Building.  Should be starting sometime soon
  • The opening of the Conshohocken Brewing Company.  Look for a spring opening on East Elm Street
  • The opening of the American Royalty Cigars next to the Great American Pub. Expect an opening early in the year
  • The opening of the Yoga Home on East Elm Street. Expect an opening early in the year
  • The sale of the Casmar Cafe.  It is been for sale for a year.  The Conshy market is to hot to let it sit unsold much longer
  • The opening of Tradestone Cafe next to Blackfish.  Chef Chip Roman is opening a cafe next to his BYOB that will also sell his candy line, Tradestone Confections.  Expect an opening early in the year
  • The demo of Hale Pump.  A residential development will replace the former factory
  • The spring report from the Archdiocese that will determine the fate of Conshohocken’s and West Conshohocken’s four parishes
  • Public debate about the zoning in the lower end of Fayette, which will involve a hotel and office tower
  • The return of the public debate about the proposed Wawa.  A determination by the Zoning Hearing Board should be made early in the year
  • The completion of the Courts at Spring Mill Station (382 units) at East Hector and North Lane and the breaking of ground of at least one new apartment community